Our Mission

NonstopMedia is a European publishing organization newly formed by a group of specialists from different EU countries, joining forces to bring together the most competent and competitive professionals in the fields of media making, consulting, education and training.

Our team consists of longstanding journalists, writers, designers, editors, as well as other media-oriented people and – last but not least – marketing strategists. Together, we form an extraordinary crew which combines decades of successful business and educational activity in many European states and regions. We have expertise in collaborating with particular partners like trade unions (local branches, national centers as well as international federations) NGOs, and other socially and environment oriented entities, for which we have provided training, designed campaigns, and produced a multitude of printed and electronic publications.


Extraordinary Experiences

We are an excellent media company with extensive experience working not only with commercial entities but also with non-profit advocacy groups and labor unions.

Our Core Values

Our core values are that the media industry should help to make the world a better place, and that the media environment should be something valuable and useful, rather than a jumble of words and images that is currently polluting the public sphere.


A visionary in media and advocacy

Boyan Stanislavski, with his illustrious background as a trade unionist and media activist, has made significant strides in the realms of journalism and publishing. As a skilled translator, he bridges cultural and linguistic divides, enriching the media landscape with diverse perspectives. His pivotal role as the co-founder of NONSTOP MEDIA highlights his commitment to innovative media solutions and social advocacy, setting new standards in the industry.


Creative Technologist

Eliana Mejia stands out as a Creative Technologist, blending art direction with the innovative design of digital products. She specializes in user experience design, user research, and crafting intuitive digital interfaces. With extensive expertise in both digital and print media, Eliana‘s recent projects showcase her consultancy prowess in user experience, alongside her ventures into virtual reality, augmented reality, and extended media.


A maestro of media and visual storytelling

Frank Myonk excels as a media technology expert, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with creative storytelling. As a director of both impactful documentary films and captivating commercials, he brings stories to life with a unique vision. His role as an art director and designer showcases his ability to shape visual narratives that resonate and engage.


Shaping the future of leadership with innovative training

Rossitza Veleva shines as a professional coach and consultant, specializing in the transformative management of both small teams and entire departments. Her expertise as a facilitator and motivational speaker is rooted in empowering individuals to master leadership through innovative methods, driving positive change and fostering dynamic team environments.


Exceeding expectations

Noura Al Kadri excels as a film producer and creative director, blending artistic vision with strategic oversight at NONSTOP MEDIA. Her dual role as an art director and project manager showcases her ability to lead projects from inception to completion, ensuring that each piece resonates with audiences and exceeds expectations.